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Technical Building Services

We are an independent engineering company based in Vienna and offer consulting, planning and technical supervision for public and private builders and operators

Our group is consisting of the company “P.H.I. Technisches Planungsbüro und Handelsgesellschaft m.b.H.” by KommR Johann Wallner and the company “PHI KlimaEngineering GmbH“ by Ing. Gerald Hofer, MSc.

Together, the PHI team covers the complete engineering of technical building services, refrigeration and air-conditioning.


Competent & reliable - PHI Team

Gerald Hofer

Johann Wallner

Michael Brandl

Rabia Coskun

Thomas Gstöttner

Renate Hofer

Rupert Jeitler

Richard Mandl

Gabriele Pistelok

Christina Polster

Rudolf Resch

Ingrid Steppan

Karin Vlk

Dominik Vollnhofer

Wolfgang Vonasek

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Our services

and A/C Systems

  • Air conditioning & cooling for residential & commercial
  • Cold rooms & freezers for food
  • Climatic chambers for research & development
  • Blast freezer
  • Deep freeze stores & logistic centres
  • Process cooling fpr production purposes
  • Temporary cooling for rent

Building Services

  • Heating conventional or with regenerative energy
  • Hygienic water heating systems
  • Rainwater & wastewater systems
  • High and low voltage electric installation
  • Fire alarm- & ventilation systems for indoor parking areas
  • Fire extinguishing systems & sprinkler systems
  • Ventilation systems for residential & industry
  • Building monitoring systems
  • Alarm systems & safety systems
  • Conveyor systems & elevator systems
  • Temporary heating and ventilation fo rent

Quality Control

  • Supervision
  • Safety- & energy audits
  • Authorized expert on private expertise

Temporary cooling and heating for rent

PHI is an official sales agent for Coolworld-Rentals, an international, full-service refrigeration technology company offering the ideal solution for temporary capacity problems, events, break downs, refits or maintenance of plants.

A short-term provision of the equipment is provides by the depot in Münchendorf, near Vienna, and a competent 24/7 service is provided by comprehensive service partners.

For Rent offers:

  • Cold rooms
  • Freezers
  • Blast freezers
  • Water Chillers
  • Air cooler
  • Climate chambers
  • Rooftop air-conditioning units
  • Mobile air-conditioning units
  • Spot air-conditioning units
  • Heat Pumps
  • Heating Boilers with gas, oil or electricity
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